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journal of loneliness: the lustful nights

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a friend and i was having a nice nasi padang at sabang when his phone rang. another friend waited us at kota. it was 23:30. we ordered a coffee instead. if he gonna wait, he will wait. hence it would be a riveting place. the waiting friend is an old colleague. all of us was in the same company before. then he and the guy moved to work as managers. i just satisfied being a sales executive. hate the office politics.

a guy just entered the restaurant. around late 40s with a red peci on his head. followed by a lady. late 30s or early 40s maybe. skinny. dressed sexy. charmed smile. my friend guessed she must be from sumatra. padang or such. he said only a matured padang lady would be brave enough to show sexiness and proud of it. the guy's face was like a blooming sunflower under the morning sun. happiness glow in his face like a tweet of yellow small bird outside my room last week.

we finished the kopi tubruk and head off to kota with no intention nor expectation. it is the spa that has been the spot. at the ground floor of the spa, there are a cafe with a stage performance. a square runaway with a dj played hip-hop mixed in the middle of it. we entered the place, took the tag and went inside. hell lotsa people and loud. typical friday night. two set of ten girls were on the runaway. the set of five girls facing us weared a two-pieces in gold. moved their hip as sexy as they could. the sit on the front row filled with hypnotized guy. astonished. some move their head to peeped under the panties.

on my right side, almost fifteen long-legged young lady dressed in short black blouse sat on the couch. few girls flirted with some guys that just came in. i saw familiar faces at one of the table at the left side of the stage. mummy came and greeted us. offered us her cute coquettish daughters. one girl came to me and shook my hand. she just been there for three days. hot, fresh and wild, as per mummy described her. i just smiled and let her go.

moved to the table, sat on the chair that all faced the stage. poked the waitress and ordered a drink. leaned back and browsed the ladies on the stage. they were topless. five sets of breast gravitated my eyes. the most left girl whom had a small breast seems like enjoying herself in a mirror attached at the wall behind the table. at far right girl had a 'kampung' face, added a spice to the stage. she got big breast. round and a bit saggy. bounced along the lame dance with a shyness. three girls in the middle begun to caressed each other. the chinese looking girl grabbed the breast of the middle girl, while she pounded the ass of the other girl who bended over to her. not a bad threesome lesbian show. for a start.

the waitress came back with a bottle of the drink that i ordered earlier, with piece of lime stuck on it. squeezed the lime and push it in. sipped up. and glazed back to the stage. all the girls got their panties slipped down. the girl in the middle got a firm breast that sized enough to filled my palm, with pink nipple. yeah its really big pink nipple point upward waited to be licked and sucked by all the horny guest. she got her pubic hair shaved. the eyeballs of the guy who sat infront of her like wanna popped out from the socket.

the hottest scene was not on the stage. guy who got the chair beside me already busy with a half-naked girl on his lap. he was lustfully sucking the breast. left hand squeezing hard the other breast while his right hand was in between the girl thigh. i was amazed on how fast the girl picked up one by one the small glass of tequilla and drank it. i guessed by the time the guy released the breast for a breath. she already had like five or six glasses. the drink cost Rph 50,000 for a glass. i used to wonder how this girl can survived conciousness if they had to drink that much every night. until my friend tasted the drink that were served only for the dancer. its not really tequilla. it did taste like tequilla but he think only 20% of it. it a damned rip-off.

one thing i like about this place is the music. nice selection and good dj. but i guessed nobody would appreciated it more than the meat market that offered lotsa young, skinny and beautiful girls.. i felt a breast on my left arm. soft and warm. beautiful girl. smooth clear skin. pointed nose. dimmed eyes. sweet lips wetted with lust. she walked her hand from my chest going down. she asked for a drink. i just laugh and said later. she went on the other table. i continued drank my drink and enjoyed the music. on the stage another sets of ten girls begun to undressed. i loved to watched this one girl. last year, she just got a small breast, she was new that time. innocent face. now she got her breast bigger. what i like about her is her ass. she got a perfect small-rounded ass. she still had that innocent face.

my phone vibrated. a sms from my friend, "i'm going up for an hour." i ordered another drink. i saw a familiar face just entered the arena. a bunch of pinoy that i used to saw at the office. they saw me and joined my table. two of them already begun to hunting a group of chungko were behind of my table. mainland chinese. doesn't really speaks english. juicy pussy. been told that by a friend.

two girls came to the pinoy. long haired. got angelina jolie type of lips. would be nice for a blow job, whispered one of the pinoy. one of the scene that annoyed me was when a guy entering a strip bar, had a hot topless babe on his lap. and behaved shy. its the same watched the stripper danced erotically naked then tried to hide her genital with the g-string. stripper are not a forced worker by some syndicate. they knew what the job was on the first day they applied. so annoyed to saw a guy whom paid handsomely for a tit but then turned away his faced shyly from it. what a waste. the other girl grabbed my hand and slipped it under her bra. i pinched her hard small nipple, smile and pulled back to get my drink.

this cafe is one of the high-class entertainment spot which served good rated international and local babes. most of them are irresistable. clean skin without a scrath. smelled like a lavender from the garden of paradise. every night there were six group of erotic dancer, fully naked, performed continuously on shift until it closed at around 4am. plus a selection of friendly long-legged escort from europe, china and local that ready to do almost everything. surfing porno movies was a lame option in this country. for less than RM 80, a guy can watched a real naked vagina and a drink. but how long can a man do that? i got bored. finished my fifth drink. said good-bye to the crestfallen mummy, paid off the bill and took a taxi home. it was almost bright just before i doozed off..

it was cloudy when i woke up. and it still cloudy now. the red sofa already giving itchy to my naked ass. of-course venus uranus still tagged on grey. the black cup filthy with last night coffee. ugh.. i better get one new hot coffee.

[skip track]

"halloween party? don't expect me to put on scary costume.. "

"we dun have to, but they will," said my friend. grinned with a raised eyebrows. we were having nasi campur bali for dinner at senayan city. rice shaped in cone, meat torned in tiny slice, some vegetables. the sambal bali was good. different from sambal cobek surabaya or sambal terasi which usually served with nasi uduk, always left a stinking smell of fermented shrimp on my fingers, even when i washed it several time. yucky! but taste nice though..

destination karaoke place at jalan thamrin. my friend always got an update from gro about ongoing event from various places. lotsa parties going on last night. elbow room in kemang hosted night od the drunken dead offered free bloodlust cocktail for female guest who showed on costume. x2 club at senayan hosted bloody halloween, johnny walker sponsored zombieland at blowfish at city plaza. kampus at menara imperium invited clubhoppers with costume for a free entrance to a party called glimpse in the dark. not to mentioned all other small club, cafe and karaoke at kemang, kota, block m, and other red district underground dungeon.

location of the place is a bit tricky. we always had to directed the taxi to passed through the parking lot of the building cause the main entrance at 8th floor. we were greeted by a lady with a tall-black-pointed witch hat. we went straight to the room passed the cafe. the cafe also presented an erotic dancer. it is small compared to the one in kota. only served local girls. theres a time when i was there few years ago, celebrating a farewell of my former pm, there were a group of erotic dancer from thailand performing. i remembered one other places in hayam wuruk which also had a dancer from thailand. and its no comparison to nana street or phatphong.

we took a small room. a young mami sat between us with her hand on our lap. she went out and came back with a group of young girls . contest was the term they used as it may refer to beauty contest. around fifteen girls line-up infront of us. tried as much as they can to be pretty, friendly and sexy. hoping to be picked. all of them dressed in black. mami made them calling their name. my friend choosed a padang girl while mami choosed a manado girl for me. the rest of the girls went out of the room immidiately. a waiter came in dressed as zombies and we ordered a bottle of red wine as my friend referred it as trublood. mami officially declared us the vampires. we laughed.

the manado girl had a tattoo on her upper arm, of a small heart, done in blue and red. gosh! i forgot her name. she poured the drink for all and gave me one glass. she had a sip, leaned her head towards me and put her lips against mine. her tounge flickered against mine. her hand across my front jeans, up and down. i pulled back and asked her to pick a song. i turned to my friend. the padang girl was on his lap, crotch to crotch, arching her back. he was licking the lenghty neck of the girl. one hand cupped on her breast and the other hand squeezed the cheeks of her ass. vampire in action. the girl sticked out her tongue to me when she saw me looking. i grinned back and slapped her tight ass.

the night went on song after song. drink after drink. i went out of the room to watched what was on the centerstage. party-goer filled the room. i guessed we were not the only vampire. i was just backed in the room when my friend called mami to opened more vouchers for the girls to stripped down every single clothes on their body. and all hell break loose. but we went home early. around 1:00am. he got morning golf. the last thing i remembered before i fall asleep was walking dead on max.

woke up early but no mood for morning walk. called macD and ordered a paket panas for breakfast. nice weather today. sitting on my red sofa. i must be losing my mind to expect venus uranus not in grey. the black cup. oh yeah.. i gotta have a coffee.


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