Monday, November 1, 2010

journal of loneliness: the visit

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rubbed my dry eyes. 07:14am. got sms from the boss sent at 06:01am. scrambled mood. damn. no cigarette. forgot to bought it on my way back last night. took a peek on the screen before pee wee. yeaah!

venus: wake up honey pot

back on the red sofa after a bath. black cup in place. cloudy weather outside. very windy. went out to the balcony with just my towel. waved to the guy downstair. asked him to buy a pack of cigarette for me. throw down Rph20,000. sent sms to the guy whom assigned to me for ojt. requested him to find a driver and picked me up at kost.

i just had a rough weekend. hope next weekend would be more peaceful. my partner in crime planned to flew back to kl next friday. my stomach disturbed. didn't feel comfortable on red sofa anymore. venus now tag on orange. black cup.. oh my ass.. to hell with the hot coffee..

[fast forward]

i was asleep all the way from buaran to cililitan across pancoran through rasuna said and stepped out from the project car infront of ambassador mall at casablanca. the traffic was busy as usual. it was 05:16pm. waited for the crowd to crossed the road. took the escalator straight up to 4th floor for a coffee.

got wi-fi connected, sent a short update email on the progress of the project. and then what else to do? poured two sachet of sugar into my coffee. lit a cigarette. looking out of the window onto the jamned pack traffic of casablanca. a lady with ice cappucino busied herself drawing with red and green crayon sat at the table next to the windows. her lips mumbled an unknown song from her ipod. two guys sat infromt of my table busied with their own blackberry. didn't talk to each other.

my mind glazed back to the bearish chat with venus about her father in-law and mysticism. i remembered last few week, a guy sat on my red sofa and told me that he is the avenger of lucifer. creepy. he described the moment lucifer visited him. big and tall with a black wings embraced around him. lucifer told him that his real name is xaphan. a second rank demon. the fallen angel who fires the fire of hell. crafted to kept the fires of hell stoked and blazing.

i was not sure how this guy had came to me and for what reason. he told me that he was sent to the world for a revenge. that was his purpose of creation. lucifer asked him to seeks for belphegor, the so-called lord of the opening. a wishmaster that seduced by granting ingenious wishes. belphegor reincarnated in the form of a beautiful licentous lady with a sharply pointed nails.

belphegor will then lead him to abbadon. the fallen angel of death. demon of the abyss. abbadon been described as a destroying angel of the apocalypse, which had a real bodies of winged warhoses, the face of human, and the poisonous curved tails of scorpions. and together they would perfecting the revenge of the lucifer. he believed that is his destiny.

astonished by the narrative of the underworld. i was almost speechless during the conversation. he stared sharply into my eyes. felt like he explored inside me with his eyes. dug deep through my soul. i felt disturbed. i throwed a question to him, "why do you come to me?"

he gave me an eery grinned. i saw a flash of shining black wing emerged from his back. he flew away through my six foot window and dissapeared into the dark black night, permeated, before i could blinked my eyes twice. left me standing stunted infront of the refrigerator with unopened teh botol in my hand. there was no moon that night. hope he would not give a a spine-tingling visit again.

that supreme artistry adventure haunted my dream for a week. i just realize now, that was how my insomniac night begun. from the bench of the ambassador cafe back to my red sofa. venus back on grey. black cup on the shelf. sigh. i got too much coffee today.


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